Stretchy Jeans vs. Raw Denim Jeans

Both stretchy jeans and raw denim jeans have their advantages and disadvantages as shown in the Jean Comparison table I created below:


Stretchy and Raw Denim Jean Comparison


Jean Type Stretchy Jeans Raw Denim
Feel of Fabric Soft Stiff (more comfortable over time)
Cotton Content Less Very High
Spandex (elasticity) More None
Durability Less More
Fading Quality Uniform In places that are unique to the wearer
The Look Over Time Worn-out Broken-in
Fit Clings to the Silhouette Skims the Silhouette
Likeliness of Showing Lumps and Bumps More Less
Up-Front Expense Often Less Often More
Cost Per Wear Higher Lower
Dye Rubs on Surfaces No Yes
Flexibility in Range from dressy to casual Very High Less (tends to be more casual)


Note: Any fading in jeans requires more resources.  Washing the fabric many times uses a lot of water. Additionally, chemicals used for extra processing expose humans to harmful environments for the sake of creating the faded/distressed look of the jeans, regardless of the jean type.

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