Jen’s Essential Style Elements

In my opinion, every lady’s style should exude the following elements for a positively  unforgettable presence that commands respect.


  1. Confidence – Choose garments that make you feel and look great! The right outfit for you should make you walk taller and make your back straighter.  Even if your confidence level is lacking for the day, the week, the year, or longer, behave as though you already possess high confidence.  Behaving with confidence is much easier to do when you look great. Consistently styling this way can be life-changing. Do not underestimate the power of style and the impact it has in your life and on others.
  2. You-nessJust like your skin has an undertone, your style has an undertone too- own it! Your style should have subtle hints of you.  Here are some examples of ‘you-ness’ that might speak to you: sporty, elegant, chic, fashionista, outdoorsy, statuesque, classy, professional, athletic, edgy, etc.
  3. Finished – I had a wonderful art teacher who said something like “the hardest part of being a painter is knowing when the painting is finished. A brush stroke can change everything.”  This is completely applicable and something to keep in mind with your style. Don’t overdo your style; aim for perfectly complete.
  4. In-the-now – Your style should be current and appropriate.  It should exude the qualities of where you desire to be; where it is essential for you to be now.  If there are any confidence concerns, just remember to dress the part; and let the behavior follow.
  5. Inspiration – Style inspiration can be found anywhere and from anything. Incorporate inspirational style elements from people, structures, nature, art, etc. Inspiration is truly everywhere.
  6. Flattering – Beautifully skim your silhouette with well-chosen and well-fitted garments. Please don’t hide your features behind blocky or ill-fitting garments. You are a beautiful lady at every stage of your life and your style should exude this reality.





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