Create an ‘Active Closet’ in Minutes

Create an Active Closet in Minutes


Regardless of your current wardrobe situation, I can help you create an active closet in minutes. An “active closet” contains few, well-chosen garments that are worn frequently. It is an organized closet environment enabling quick dressing decisions that will ultimately create a stylish and pulled together look without stress. I recommend updating the active closet every 3 weeks and it can be done without purchasing a thing! Continue reading to learn how.


Save the proper closet clean-up for another day so the benefits of low-stress dressing rituals are enjoyed immediately. This active closet technique keeps things simple yet offers multiple outfit options. Choose up to 5 bottoms and 5 tops that easily mix and match. Additionally pick 2 dresses or exchange a top and bottom for another dress if desired. This is plenty for 3 weeks.


The problem

Bored with current clothing options

Too many garments to choose from

Overwhelmed by disorganization

Not enough time to pick out a pulled-together, stylish outfit

Stressed out

Perpetually running late


The desired outcome

Love the available choices

Easily and quickly put together the outfit for the day


No stress


On schedule



  1. Identify a 3 foot section of hangered space in the closet- floor to ceiling – this is where your active closet will be. I use 2 4-tier trouser/skirt hangers for the bottoms and keep a max of 5 for this period of time. This makes it easy to access openings for hanging garments back up at the end of the day.
  2. Remove everything from this identified closet space. Where to? Anywhere for now but completely out of the way. I use bins for off-season items that easily get tucked away under the bed. A proper closet clean-up event can be scheduled for another day.
  3. Clean the newly identified active closet space. Vacuum, dust, etc.
  4. Consider the following elements when choosing the garments:


  • Weather
  • Personal Style
  • Fashion/Trends
  • Mood
  • Essentials
  • Calendar/Planner/Intent


Visit a favorite weather website to find out what conditions are expected in the area for the next few weeks. This helps determine what essentials are needed such as a trench coat for rain or whether closed-toe or open-toe shoes are appropriate.  Shoe selections are placed on the floor of the 3 foot section of closet.


Ensure chosen garments match your personal style and suit your body’s silhouette. Contact me for a personal style consultation if you are not sure what is best suited for you. Otherwise I assume most of what is in your current wardrobe suits you well enough, and you likely have many garments to choose from.


If you are a fashionista who loves to follow trends, then this part will be fun. Save some money the next 3 weeks by going on a scavenger hunt for trending elements in your own wardrobe or consider asking a relative or friend if they have a piece that can be borrowed for the next few weeks. Expect to be surprised to discover that you possess a lot of very in-right-now or very out-right-now items. Exercise:Just for fun check your drawers and closet for these wearable items (even if they are despised): yellow in color, fringe, animal prints or western theme. The findings are astounding, right?! The point of that exercise to engage option thinking without having to make a purchase. This is also a warm-up for the next part.


Incorporate pieces that represent the mood that interests or inspires you. Perhaps the sunsets on a recent vacation inspire shades of red and orange. When this mood process is done right, as in well-intentioned and tasteful, an unspoken genuine truth about you exudes your authenticity. It is simply natural, beautiful, and always in.


Identify your uniform essentials that remain a constant in your active closet. For example my personal style uniform calls for the following essentials: two blazers or a blazer and a jacket, a little black dress, and 3 scarves to choose from. Also nearby are sunglasses, a watch, bracelet, ring(s), and earrings. These essentials are also rotated but on a less frequent basis usually. This creates a seamless transition for the active closet changes.


Lastly, consider your agenda for the next 3 weeks and be both practical and stylish. If you are being considered for a promotion at work then dress for the part if it is practical. Another example is to incorporate some pastel-colored garments or accessories for the Spring time. The point is to dress for the period of time in your life today and the next 3 weeks while being practical. Note:Consider balancing soft looks with a slightly edgy garment or accessory.


Enjoy the benefits of removing stress from your daily dressing routine.


Jennifer Smith, ABQ Jen Smith

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