How to dress for public speaking?

The sort answer is to dress up slightly more than your anticipated audience. If you think it is trendy to wear a t-shirt and jeans because Elon Musk gets away with it, think again! Choose to be taken seriously and instead present yourself in a professional manner.


New Mexico is one of the more casual states when it comes to style in general, especially when compared to the Eastern part of the United States. Ladies have a little more flexibility in their wardrobe but can usually throw on a blazer, for example, and they’re good to go here in the Land of Enchantment. Gentlemen can effectively wear a  button-up, collared shirt combined with khakis or slacks out West usually. However, the audience that you are presenting to is your guide.


Presenting yourself in a professional manner instantly shows that you care about how you represent yourself, or your employer’s mission, and how you are perceived by your audience. Choosing to style yourself this way it is respectful. And being respectful never goes out of style!


If you would like help preparing an appropriate outfit for your next speaking engagement, contact me and I’ll be happy to help you!

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