ABQ Jen Smith ~ Beauty and Brains Efficacy

ABQ Jen Smith

Style * Fashion * Lifestyle

Beauty and Brains Efficacy

Hi Ladies!

I’m Jennifer Smith, an Albuquerque-based Stylist and life-skill blogger ~ Editor of www.abqjensmith.com~ Lover of travel, fashion, quality garments, all things beautiful and organized ~ Wife, Mom, Yia Yia, and Pet Owner

My goal is to help women like you acquire and uphold beauty and brains efficacy; bring about positive change through style and life-skill ideas.

Services Include: Personal Styling Consultations,  Closet Organizing Services and Personal Shopping.

Postings Include: Positive change concepts to help with styling, organization needs, and life-skills content; along with a few lifestyle posts sprinkled in the mix.

My strengths and education are in the following areas:

  • Personal Stylist
  • Positive Psychology Influencer
  • Computer Technology

My passions include:

  • Extraordinary organizational skills
  • Customer service mastery
  • Inspire efficacy, life-skill tips, infuse empowerment and beauty

I Value:

~Beauty and Brains

Beginning June 2019: Inspirational postings twice weekly containing style and/or life-skill content.

Coming Soon: ABQ Jen Smith YouTube Channel

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