Inspire Greatness

People look up to you – whether you know it or not, or want them to, or not.. Who do you admire that is in your everyday life? Who sparks a little inspiration in you?..


As your personal stylist and life-skill coach for beauty and brains, I’m here to inform you that how you present yourself to the World is not a superficial act. It is not about wearing designer fashion or purchasing something new for the sake of creating a façade. Personal style is about understanding yourself and your goals. It is about how you speak to yourself and what you want others around you to know about who you are. Did you know that your inner thoughts do not just evaporate into thin air? Inner thoughts are recorded messages that are sent and saved to the subconscious mind to form beliefs. That’s huge! So how you speak to yourself is monumentally important. And how you present yourself to the World is glimpse into your inner thoughts.


I am here for you to help you identify your goals and crush limiting beliefs so you can tap into more of your potential. Aligning your personal style with your goals and positive thoughts is a powerful combination that facilitates your effectiveness by tapping into more of your potential. This builds self-esteem and confidence. I believe that our community needs and deserves the best versions of ourselves so that we can inspire positive thinking and living. Contact me to identify your unique, personal style and help you achieve greatness in your personal life, our community and beyond.


Photo by my friend, Brad Melton

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