Beauty and Brains – Favorite Childhood Experience

Last week on my Facebook post, I encouraged you to remember and relive (in your mind) your favorite childhood experience, every morning, for one week. Why?


Starting your day with a powerful positive memory readies you to have a good day. And it feels good. The reverse works too! Have you ever stubbed your toe first thing in the morning, and you might have said to yourself, “it’s going to be that kind of day”, and guess what?! It turns out to be that kind of day, doesn’t it? This is a self-fulfilling prophecy!


Coaching yourself to focus on the positivity in your life helps to have happier life experiences. That seems worthwhile! This isn’t to say that you will be happy when real life issues arise but in general having a positive outlook brings about the best part of you and others even when faced with difficult situations.


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