Beauty and Brains – Being Your Own Best Coach

Last week’s task for building up your efficacy was to make a list of attributes of the best life coach. What would that look like? If the perfect life coach could follow you everywhere and helped you through every situation, how would they speak to you? What choice words would they select to guide you through?           You are a life coach, to yourself.


It’s ok if we haven’t been the best coach in the past. We can move past that and become our best coachwith practice. Here are 2 examples of personal coaching tools that I use:


  • At the top of my To Do list (which travels with me everywhere- even at meetings with lots of people) I have written at the top of the page – SMILE      FLOURISH

I allow for enough space between the two words so I can fit in a little flower or a smiley face. I was caught in the act of penciling in a flower the other day when a coworker walked in. I was caught smiling! Ha! Another time at a meeting someone said – “Oh, smile! I love that, I should write that down too!” Absolutely! Now not only does that help me, but I’m coaching someone else too!


  • Another tool that I use is artfully creating and displaying a few 5” x 7” cards with positive notes, quotes, lists, or goals. Creating them is joyful and very important. Occasionally I am asked about them which brings about conscious thought of what is important to me. And having the notes be there in visible sight is working for me at a subconscious level too. Double whammy!


Don’t be embarrassed or shy about coaching yourself. You can’t be your best self unless you work at it.


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