Hello precious! I’m Jen; your personal stylist, image consultant and lifestyle blogger. You have found the haven for fashion tips, style inspiration and encouragement!

Fashion and Styling: I fell in love with fashion and style from a young age after graduating from a fashion and modeling school here in Albuquerque, NM. I continued my passion for fashion by becoming a personal stylist to help women, just like you, achieve your styling goals. Personal style and self-image are intertwined so it came as no surprise that my second love surrounded self-image concepts.

Self-image: I was so fortunate to be introduced to sound, cognitive psychological concepts that build a healthy self-image of individuals, teams and organizations. After becoming a trained facilitator of the Pacific Institute, I helped numerous individuals and organizations achieve their goals. I believe that this is truly life-changing material that should be shared with everyone.

Lifestyle: I’m an all-American girl born of Greek and Irish decent. I have followed my mother’s Greek culture mostly as she is a first-generation Greek from the island of Samos where we still have family. The local Greek Orthodox community is and has been a significant part of my life (and my husband’s). And I absolutely LOVE to Greek Dance!

Other Devotions: I love to travel. I’m an explorer of slot canyons, mountains and caves; lots and lots of caves. I’m a trained yoga instructor and I have mostly healthy eating habits. I’m a lover of red wine and craft beer from the Rockies.

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